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Seaside Pools

The seaside swimming pools at Sea Horse Ranch, near The Beach Club restaurant and lounge, are designed with a natural aesthetic that blends with the natural beauty of the El Bosque nature reserve which features more than 15 different tree species and is home to an abundance of herrings, gulls and marine crustaceans.

The swimming pools were completed in 2002 for the pleasure of the entire Sea Horse Ranch community. The Fisher Group from Arizona was hired for initial construction and Tempool Inc. from Florida completed the Sunstone Pearl finishing.

The main pool features two hydrotherapy cascades, is five feet deep and holds 87,000 gallons of water. The smaller pool, designed for children, is two feet deep and holds 14,000 gallons. Guests and villa owners can enjoy the ocean views and refreshing breezes, and with such close proximity to The Beach Club, poolside wait service is available, enabling a significant socializing point and meeting place for the community.