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Bachata World Festival in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata Bachata Festival, Nov. 16-20, 2023

ADN BACHATA WORLD FESTIVAL will take place in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, from November 16 – 20, 2023. The Festival will include four days of live music, Bachata classes and shows, and the Global Bachata Championship at the Puerto Plata amphitheater.

Puerto Plata has been declared the World Capitol of Bachata, and the global impact of bachata has become one of the most culturally recognizable elements of Dominican identity worldwide. The Festival will be held at Puerto Plata’s newest outdoor venue, La Puntilla, which is a stunning outdoor Grecian amphitheater facing the Atlantic Ocean, with a capacity of over 4,000 spectators. Located at the base of historic San Felipe Fort and surrounded by an expansive green lawn.

Amphitheater puerto plata

Bachata Music Created in the Dominican Republic

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and has transcended Latin America and beyond, blending influences from African, European, and Indigenous musical traditions. It’s characterized by melodic guitar and is often performed by a musical ensemble. This genre is renowned for its intimate and romantic dance style, with a basic rhythmic step that pairs well with its lyrical emphasis on love and heartbreak.

Today, Bachata is a vibrant and adaptable genre, infused with modern influences and supported by figures like Romeo Santos from the popular music group Aventura. This music thrives in all parts of the world, with people singing and dancing along to favorites in clubs, bars, and on the street.

While exploring the Dominican Republic, engaging in bachata and merengue dancing is a must, with dance classes available for those who wish to learn or improve.

A recent Hollywood documentary starring Dominican bachata legend Anthony Santos is a cinematic project of international quality to immerse yourself in the culture and history of bachata. If you are interested in having Bachata dance classes while staying at Sea Horse Ranch, our concierge team is happy to assist you. Contact us directly for more details.

For more information and tickets visit the official event website for the ADN BACHATA WORLD FESTIVAL.

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