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Caribbean Re-Location, Location, Location 

June 23, 2020

Seeking your own private oasis? A Caribbean villa could be your new island home

A beautiful new life awaits re-location seekers in the Dominican Republic. If you aspire to have the space to expand as a family, while enjoying privacy, safety and a taste of the island lifestyle, a villa at Sea Horse Ranch could be your next move.

The silver lining for the Dominican Republic is that we are currently experiencing an increase in demand for second homes. As times change, and people move away from large cities, relocating to a gated community in the Caribbean is garnering renewed interest.

“A revealing fact in the context of the shutdown of tourist visits due to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, is that the demand for a second home in the DR by foreign investors in need of a safe and comfortable space has increased, in addition to their residences in their home countries” stated Frank Rainieri, President Punta Cana Group at the VI virtual conference of the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (ADOMPRETUR).

Providing an alternative to the temporary hospitality offered in hotels, private villas in a resort setting offer an attractive sanctuary ideal for current times. Indeed, the DR provides an alternative option of residence, with safe and first-world facilities including international schools and medical care.

Sea Horse Ranch has been the community of choice on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic for the past three decades, offering an established luxury standard of living. We are happy to discuss our collection of properties available for both rent and sale. Please contact us to discover more.

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