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Nature Reserve in Cabarete

CUEVAS-2El Choco National Park, located in Cabarete, is a major point of interest for visitors and one of the most important nature reserve parks of the Dominican Republic. The caves (about 200 of them) in El Choco are 5 million years old, and a must-see for visitors to the area.

Cabarete Caves in El Choco Park can be reached via the Callejon de la loma, a local neighborhood off the main road in town. This exceptional site was once home to Aborigines who first inhabited the island (known as the Taino Indians). El Choco National park encompasses 77 sq. km. (about 48 miles).

The underground, interlinking caves have rivers flowing below ground, with deep natural swimming pools. Visitors are permitted to swim during their guided cave tour, and deep scuba diving is permitted to those with the expertise. A local, professional diving guide is recommended to explore beneath the caves.

elchoco hikingEl Choco National Park is also home to a variety of exotic bird species, captivating natural springs and swimming pools. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you will love El Choco National Park for the assortment of challenging trails available. Our concierge at Sea Horse Ranch will be happy to arrange a trip for you.

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