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Pan-American Kite Championships in Cabarete

Pan-American Kite Regatta 2021 Competition

Congratulations to the 2021 Pan American Champions. The event took place in Cabarete, Dominican Republic August 16-22, 2021. The Formula Kite Class is a high-performance hydrofoiling kiteboard racing class and has been selected as one of the sailing events for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and onwards.

The Dominican Republic enjoys privileged conditions for watersports, with a warm climate, good wind, and numerous beaches where it can be practiced year-round. This is the first international Formula Kite event in the country with competitors from Brazil, Colombia, Czechia, France, Guadeloupe, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Turkey, USA, and DR. This sport will make its debut in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The exciting event featured racing speeds of over 40 miles per hour. For five consecutive days, 21 sailors from 10 countries fought in winds of 8 to 18 knots, in the famous wind and swell of Cabarete, Dominican Republic. The qualifying races were held in the open sea with the entire fleet competing together. For the last day, the sailors divided into fleets of gold, silver, bronze, and women and participated in short races of five minutes, as close to the coast as possible.

Winner Toni Vodisek from Slovenia was very happy with his decision to come to Cabarete during these difficult travel times and is looking forward to the next event in Cabarete.

Final results:
2021 Men’s Pan American Championship
1st Bruno Lobo, Brazil
2nd Victor Bolanos, Colombia
3rd Deury Corniel, Dominican Republic

2021 Women’s Pan American Championship
1st Kirstyn Obrien, USA.
2nd Marie Reis, Brazil
3rd Lizeth Loaiza, Colombia

Pan American Championship 2021 Men’s Open
1st Toni Vodisek, Slovenia
2nd Bruno Lima, Brazil
3rd Ejder Ginyol, Turkey

Open Pan American Women’s Championship 2021
1st Kirstyn Obrien, USA
2nd Kimberly Risbergen, The Netherlands
3rd Marie Reis, Brazil

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