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Owning Property in the Dominican Republic

Property ownership by foreigners in the Dominican Republic is the same as for Dominican citizens. It is simple and straightforward.  All properties on Sea Horse Ranch are held either in a person’s name or in the name of a company. This is something you can decide with your lawyer as tax implications are slightly different. Taxes are one percent of the assessed value of the land and built home. Square meters of a home include all covered areas including carports and terraces. Sea Horse Ranch offers fully serviced building sites with connection to underground services such as electricity, water and cable.

Sea Horse Ranch does have certain building requirements and all plans must be approved by the developers, but you are free to choose your own architect and builder.  We do have a lot of experience with both architects and builders and can certainly help you identify one that is right for you. Currently building prices average $1,500 a square meter or $150 dollars a square foot.