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Whale Watching in the Dominican Republic

Whale Watching in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is considered one of the Top 10 places in the world to observe Humpback Whales in their natural habitat. Every winter, North Atlantic humpback whales travel hundreds of miles to go to Silver Bank (~90 km north of the Dominican Republic).

In the warm waters of the Dominican Republic, the world’s largest concentration of humpback whales converges to mate and calve on the Silver Bank, on the north coast near Puerto Plata. Visit the Dominican Republic during the winter months and you may be lucky enough to see whales migrating right before your eyes.

From mid-January through the end of March, whale-watching tours offer a unique opportunity to see incredible spectacles of whales’ courting behavior, as well as exhibitions of affectionate motherly love towards newborn calves. Learn about the behaviors, anatomy, and temperaments of the North Atlantic humpback whales.

Samaná Bay and Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic

To swim and snorkel with these majestic creatures, you can visit the Silver Bank Sanctuary–or Santuario de Mamíferos Marinos Banco de la Plata, located north of Puerto Plata’s coast– from only three boats approved by the Dominican government.

Situated roughly 80 nautical miles north of Puerto Plata, the Silver Bank Sanctuary is one of only two areas in the entire world where nature lovers can experience an in-water encounter with humpback whales in a legal and environmentally conscious way.

Samaná Bay, located on the Samaná Peninsula on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic – 3 hours from Sea Horse Ranch – is among one of the two best places in the DR to experience this incredible natural phenomenon and witness displays by the most active species of whale in the Atlantic.

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